Interior Design Fireplace Mantels

Interior Design Fireplace Mantels

But you'll certainly pick the one which you believe will easily blend with the inside decoration, furniture and style of the room. You can pick the material, color, size as well as design which will be applied on the fireplace itself. Fireplace mantels may be constructed of marble, limestone, granite, and various woods based on your preference. In addition, you can choose from inventory mantels you acquire at your area home improvement store to luxurious, custom-carved marble masterpieces. Hearth mantels are generally made of carved wood with fluted columns and are handsomely edged.

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Interior Design Fireplace Mantels


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If price tag is a problem making use of a recycled material would save an unbelievable amount of cash. It is likewise important to recall that only some fireplace mantels are actually to be discovered attached with screws and bolts. The stone carving shop will give you the best price for the quality and they also often have their own design experts that will help you with the various types in addition to materials. The most significant reason is the fact that it merely would make the visual aesthetic of this open fireplace come out complete. You are able to have the ornate marble or perhaps wooden scroll and all the works on your fireplace mantel. If you are searching for a cost effective mantel which provides a quality look to any room, you may want to look into a mantel made from wood.

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