Install Flat Screen TV Over Fireplace

A display for decorative purposes when you are not using the fireplace of yours, and one that you utilize exclusively for safety purposes when the fireplace is in use. Another excellent merchandise that really can dress up the fireplace of yours is a fire back. Three-sided screens have a center section that spans the width of the fireplace.

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Install Flat Screen TV Over Fireplace

These tiny holes avoid the sparks and embers out of leaving and also let air pass, permitting the fire to burn off much more. If you want to utilize a folding fire display, you are going to need to allow a minimum of 6 further inches on every side to provide the fold again to the open fireplace.

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You can work with a fireplace display while the fireplace of yours isn't being used and this will likely block off this region and keep it safe while it's not in use. The two sides are actually hinged to turn at a thirty to forty five degree angle thus holding the display screen plum straight up.

How to Mount a TV Above a Fireplace

You don't want the display of yours to be too serious or perhaps too little for your fireplace. In case you are a renter, you may wish to opt for a basic color pattern to ensure that if you move, the screen of yours is able to go right together with you. What about worst cases, a house fire could result.

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