How To Reface A Stone Fireplace With Tile

How To Reface A Stone Fireplace With Tile

In the latest times, a growing number of homeowners are beginning to look for stone fireplaces. That is as stone is actually fire resistant, and it is the optimal material for creating fireplaces. Moreover, there are various stone types to select from – limestone, marble, masonry, granite, etc. In reality, many will cost over others. Stone fireplaces are actually returning in fashion since you are able to create all varieties of designs at stone. A number of stones have natural patterns that produce stunning looks. Others merely look simple and nice. The choice of design depends very much on individual preferences also. Stone fireplaces can be crafted into designs which are exceptional in case you want.

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How To Reface A Stone Fireplace With Tile


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Mantel was initially an expression that referred to a protruding real wood or perhaps stone frame in the opening of a hearth, to get the smoke. The phrase has since then developed to include decorative framework that is erected around the fireplace, including elaborate designs that extend to the ceiling. Stone Fireplace mantels are best suited for huge fireplaces, and they come in an assortment of stones and styles, which includes river, concrete, granite, and limestone rock. Best suited to specialized decor, a marble mantel is sturdy and long lasting, while at the same time, contributing to the elegance of this decor.

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