How To Paint A Stone Fireplace Surround

How To Paint A Stone Fireplace Surround

Technically, a fireplace surround is actually an architectural factor which surrounds a fireplace, providing aesthetic and protection benefits. An open fireplace with a fireplace surround might add a little bit of romance to each room. Natural wood is the best alternative whether you want an ornate carved open fireplace surround or perhaps something easy and colonial in style. Apart from its other benefits, a hearth surround is likewise important for the safety it offers. The surround can offer additional levels of fire protection, making the open fireplace less risky plus more pleasant.

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How To Paint A Stone Fireplace Surround


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Those that have had a brick hearth surround could feel as though it's a rougher-textured design element that is extremely difficult to clean, once it's absorbed the black colored soot and smoke. With the choices of marble, you can get a smooth, glossy finish or even sealer on the open fireplace surrounds, that makes it easy to wipe clean and keep it protected. Not only does this keep your fireplace appearing newer, however, the room is easier and cleaner to clean since you are able to wipe them clean very easily after you have used up a fire in the fireplace of yours.

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