How To Install Wood Mantel On Stone Fireplace

How To Install Wood Mantel On Stone Fireplace

Another alternative is actually of course antique fireplace mantels. These may be purchased through antique sellers. You will find a few antique hearth mantel dealers out there with a mix of fireplace mantels. Of course sellers will charge you what ever price tag they think they could get for doing this, however, it will be a true work of art. Use caution when buying from dealers. these days fireplaces could effortlessly be reproduced as well as passed on as being antique and authentic when in fact the are increasingly being made in China or Europe someplace. You will be ready to make certain by the quality of design and maybe by wear as well as tear. Antique mantels exclusively come in the size that they were created in. Therefore if you purchase an antique mantel make certain it suits your room and covers the firebox properly. You could have include another substance or a stone on the insides of the fireplace mantel are around in order to correctly conceal the firebox when the mantelpiece is a touch bigger compared to your firebox.

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How To Install Wood Mantel On Stone Fireplace


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By far the most obvious choices for mantels are the types that are made of wood, possibly solid wood or laminated wood. Good wood is the costlier of the two wooden choices, but laminate may be equally as practical while not costing a lot of money. There are lots of species of wood that are left turned into mantels by various manufacturers, which includes oak, cherry, and also pine, to name a few, and similarly you will find laminate hardwood adaptations of the wood species that are accessible also. When selecting the fireplace mantel which looks suitable for the house of yours, take into account any existing woods which are widespread all over the decor in the region in which the fireplace will be fitted. This will give the kitchen an even more coordinated look.

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How To Install Wood Mantel On Stone Fireplace

Installing a wood mantel on a stone fireplace requires some skill and patience, but the results can be worth every bit of effort. This article will provide detailed instructions for installing a wood mantel on a stone fireplace, along with frequently asked questions about this type of installation. With the right tools and materials, anyone can successfully install a wood mantel on a stone fireplace.

Tools and Materials Needed

Before beginning the installation of the wood mantel on the stone fireplace, it is important to have the right tools and materials on hand. The following items are needed:

– Wood mantel

– Masonry anchors

– Drill

– Hammer

– Level

– Tape measure

– Wood screws

– Stud finder

– Safety goggles

– Dust mask

– Chisel

– Safety gloves

– Mortar mix/grout

Steps to Install Wood Mantel On Stone Fireplace

The steps to install a wood mantel on a stone fireplace are as follows:

1. Measure the opening of the fireplace to determine the size of the wood mantel that is needed. Measure from side to side, top to bottom, and front to back. Also measure the depth of the opening if possible. These measurements will be used when selecting a wood mantel for installation.

2. Determine where the mantel will be mounted on the stone wall. Use a level to ensure that it is mounted properly and securely. Make sure there are no obstructions behind or below the area where it will be mounted, such as wiring or plumbing pipes.

3. Mark the spot where each masonry anchor will be placed in order to mount the wood mantel to the wall. Use a stud finder if necessary in order to locate any studs that may be behind the wall before drilling any holes for masonry anchors.

4. Drill holes in each marked spot for the masonry anchors using an appropriate drill bit for masonry walls. Make sure that these holes are drilled straight and at least 1/4 inch deep into the wall in order for them to securely hold each anchor in place.

5. Insert each masonry anchor into its hole until it is flush with the wall surface and secure it with a hammer if necessary. For best results, use masonry anchors specifically designed for mounting heavy objects onto masonry walls such as fireplaces or walls made out of brick or concrete block.

6. Place the wood mantel against the wall where it will be mounted, making sure that it is level and centered properly over its mounting area before screwing it into place with wood screws inserted into each masonry anchor through pre-drilled holes in the back side of the mantel’s base plate.

7. If desired, use mortar mix or grout around each masonry anchor to secure them further and prevent any movement of either the mantel or anchor during use or over time due to temperature changes or other factors. 8. Wipe away any excess mortar mix or grout before allowing it to dry completely before using or displaying items on top of it .

9. Enjoy your new wood mantel!

What tools are needed to install a wood mantel on a stone fireplace?

1. Tape measure

2. Level

3. Hammer

4. Phillips head screwdriver

5. Masonry drill bit

6. Lag bolts or masonry anchors

7. Caulk and caulk gun

8. Protective safety glasses

9. Saw Or grinder (optional depending on the size of the mantel)

10. Stud finder (optional)