How To Install Drywall Over Brick Fireplace

How To Install Drywall Over Brick Fireplace

Keep in mind that open fireplace accessories have historic and geographic significance, so you may want to tie things jointly with the accessories of yours, or go the various other way and come up with a bit of an eclectic look. Wall paints are generally level or maybe eggshell in finish and don't provide sufficient protection for a really used area. A brick fireplace is only among the numerous choices available. Simply you'll want to remember that the mantel is the core point or maybe area of just where most important social gatherings in the home take place. Fireplace walls are usually considered the accent wall structure of a room, as they're completely different than the other three walls.

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How To Install Drywall Over Brick Fireplace


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Make the layout extend throughout the whole patio area to create a brick focused theme. If you are living in an older or antique room and you already have brick fireplace, then you definitely might want to give some thought to remodeling it to go back the luster and beautify of the substance used. After all, surely you won't be equipped to bear just letting the layout of yours come out terrible as some incomplete cemented frame where wood might be used inside. Next, mix the grout of yours and use it over the tiles using the rubber float. Many localities require permits issued prior to permitting the structure to commence.

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