How To Install A Wood Beam Fireplace Mantel

How To Install A Wood Beam Fireplace Mantel

If you choose a custom fireplace mantel for the house of yours, then simply you can pick from additional substances various other besides the people that were previously mentioned. Of course, the marble content is more gorgeous than the others, but additionally, there are some more affordable variants of fireplaces. For instance, you can personalize a fireplace from wood or other related material. Every fine material in the earth is usable if you would like to create a custom fireplace. Cast stone fireplaces are also really beautiful and provide a nice atmosphere to the area, however, they are more expensive compared to the additional choices. Additionally, you are able to find marble fireplace mantels in color tones that are different in case you want to get a more luxurious style.

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How To Install A Wood Beam Fireplace Mantel


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In domestic work of fourteenth century, the fire place mantel was drastically enhanced in order to enable of the members of the family sitting on either side of this fire on the hearth, and also in these cases great beams of timber were utilized to carry the hood; in such cases the fireplace was so deeply recessed as to become externally a vital architectural element, as at giving Haddon Hall. The largest fireplace mantel existing is in the wonderful hall belonging to the Palais des Comtes at Poitiers, that is nearly 30 foot wide, having 2 intermediate supports to carry the hood; the stone flues are actually taken up between the tracery of an astounding window above.

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