How To Install A Mantel On A Rock Fireplace

How To Install A Mantel On A Rock Fireplace

Hearth mantels which come straight from a magazine page aren't the only fireplace mantels which may be regarded as attractive. The fireplace mantel, if it is wide enough, might possibly be the perfect area to fit some plants or fresh flowers. Original fireplace mantels have been quite simple and unadorned, a sensible appearance without decorative appeal aside from an occasional basic rope detail in the surround. Just much like any modern style, you can have the pick of yours with your antique fireplace mantel. Mantels are actually some items which are built or even installed around the open fireplace for decoration purposes.

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How To Install A Mantel On A Rock Fireplace


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Often times mantels are made of wood but for a far more exquisite like marble or perhaps stone has to be used. In most homes, a mantel layout might include additional woodwork on the wall above the principle mantel, often termed an Overmantel. Better still wood mantels lend themselves to intricate designs. Towards the middle of 16th century, not simply were the open fireplace mantels becoming increasingly ornate, but thus were the surrounds & overmantels. A fireplace without a fireplace mantel is like a bed without having a headboard. You want your fireplace mantel to accent your hearth and combination with the room.

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