How To Install A Fireplace Mantel On A Stone Wall

How To Install A Fireplace Mantel On A Stone Wall

You take note of people talk about receiving a whole new fireplace or buying a house with a fireplace but you rarely hear people talk of open fireplace mantels. In my opinion, a fireplace is totally incomplete which has a complementary mantel. A hearth without having a fireplace mantel is like a bed without having a headboard. It's functional but not good to the eye. But there are factors which are many that a fireplace mantel is important. The most significant reason would be that it simply would make the visual aesthetic of this open fireplace appear complete. It frames the warm glow of the fire. An additional reason is actually the independent visual of the mantel itself. Hearth mantels are often made from carved wood with fluted columns and tend to be handsomely edged. The mantel itself is pleasing to the eye.

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How To Install A Fireplace Mantel On A Stone Wall


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Most people like decorating the fireplace mantels of theirs with a few decorative items to give the place a catchy appearance. Almost all houses from the northern region have open fireplace in their houses and in case you detect to leave the open fireplace by itself with no decoration will look more really untidy. Mantels are actually certain things which are built or installed close to the open fireplace for decoration purposes. These mantels are made of various materials and also you can choose from a wide variety of design and structures to install around the fireplace of yours. Mantels can be purchased marbles and stones, these 2 are popularly utilized around the planet and they are in need because stone and marble mantels create a neat and elegant look. style that is Good and style of the mantels can enhance the overall look of the place and will easily compliment with the decor as well as furniture of the room.

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