How To Decorate Above A Fireplace Mantel

How To Decorate Above A Fireplace Mantel

although you will certainly pick the one which you think will easily blend with the internal decoration, furniture and style of the room. You are able to choose the material, color, size as well as style that will be applied on the open fireplace itself. Hearth mantels can be constructed from marble, limestone, granite, and various woods depending on the preference of yours. In addition, you can select from inventory mantels you acquire at your area home improvement shop to luxurious, custom-carved marble masterpieces. Hearth mantels are frequently made from carved wood with fluted columns and therefore are handsomely edged.

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How To Decorate Above A Fireplace Mantel


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For the last 30-odd years, fireplaces had been commonly built with a simple brick facade (facing) not to mention there may not have also been a mantel or maybe, if there was a mantel, it might be a simple frame mantel or perhaps a mantel shelf that needs a makeover. Nevertheless, it's the fireplace mantel that really brings out the appeal of a hearth. Perhaps even tiles can supply an old fireplace a good facelift. If you want a really clean, scaled-down look for your Christmas decorated open fireplace mantel, you can choose one type of item, like flowers or candles, and add a few Christmas mantel scarves and some garland, to produce an elegantly simple display. Obviously, the marble content is a lot more attractive compared to the others, but additionally, there are some cheaper variants of fireplaces.

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