How To Build Your Own Fireplace Mantel Surround

How To Build Your Own Fireplace Mantel Surround

Watch out when buying from dealers. A marble fireplace mantel is going to cost in the $500 range. Many surrounds are mounted with an easy adhesive. Not every person wants to obtain an antique open fireplace mantel, but most are already considering the option. Because they are not the real thing, they're significantly less expensive. You need not be restricted to wrought iron or perhaps black candlesticks when using black color fireplace equipment, display and firewood holder. In case you're looking for a fireplace mantel for just a cabin, stick while using antique, rugged models, if that's the decor of the room. These decorative architectural ornaments had been known as fireplace mantels.

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How To Build Your Own Fireplace Mantel Surround


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In case the television is placed anywhere apart from higher than the mantel, the concentration is actually taken off of the centerpiece of the room and leads to confusion for individuals entering the space. As a result, mantels provide a decorating highlight to almost any room with a fireplace, designs which may or even might not lengthen all of the way to the ceiling. The most used types of stones that are used for mantels are actually marble, slate granite as well as limestone. You are able to have 2 substantial candles on either end such as, and maybe balance it with a major decorative piece in the center. Sometimes known as a mantelpiece or chimney piece, the open fireplace mantel has customarily been an artistic ingredient of a space while simultaneously providing practical substances such as saving the surrounding area from fire damage.

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