How To Build A Simple Fireplace Mantel

How To Build A Simple Fireplace Mantel

Hearth mantels are able to add a great deal of character to a room with an open fireplace. Regrettably though, not all rooms with fireplaces have prebuilt mantels. You are able to easily and quickly remedy this, nonetheless, by picking up an excellent set of hearth mantel designs and construct one on ones own. When constructing a mantel, it is essential to take a look at the decor at the rest of the home. If possible, you will have to match up with the wood sort by using this of the wood of the structural look of your home or accompanying furniture. Some of the more prevalent types of wood used to build mantels with are oak, cherry, and pine. Of course, the choice of yours of wood will additionally be mostly dependent upon your financial budget for the project also.

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How To Build A Simple Fireplace Mantel


Then choose one of the contemporary fireplace mantels and remodel your fireplace FIREPLACE


The fireplace mantel, in case it is wide enough, would be the ideal area to put some plants or perhaps fresh flowers. These fresh features could truly bring life to a space, not to mention the additional benefits of adding living plants in your living room. Make sure you opt for plants that can thrive well inside or with little sunlight, specially if the fireplace of yours doesn't get enough sunlight. This plan is best in case you hardly use the fireplace of yours, as the heat could wilt or even kill the plant life of yours. If you make use of it seasonally, make sure you transfer the plants of yours before you begin lighting the fires of yours.

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