How To Build A Fake Fireplace Mantel

How To Build A Fake Fireplace Mantel

Many hang paintings over the fire location, when you're thinking about a lot of situations a painting of a field on a bright summer day is actually hanging over the mantel with family pictures in danger of antique frames on the mantel completes the warm cozy sensation of the home. Therefore if you have made a decision to take the plunge, just how should you go about including mantel to the fireplace of yours? The most crucial thing to perform is take measurements. The fireplace mantels around this time usually show the disjointed character of fireplace design as older snatches of info from Renaissance Italy ended up being taken using context by noblemen attempting to flaunt their status and wealth.

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How To Build A Fake Fireplace Mantel


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While a mantel constructed of a sleeker sort of wood would be best suited for a more contemporary home. These measurements assume you have a facing, that is a decorative material as brick or maybe stone that surround the fireplace opening. In case you do not use a facing, skip those dimensions. The other main concern however for purchasing an antique mantel cannot be dismissed as it involves safety. A contractor is able to enable you to do it effortlessly or perhaps you can purchase a facing pack online. In case you're replacing your current mantel and also surround, then you should measure that. You could perhaps need to create one on your own.

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