How To Attach A Mantel To A Brick Fireplace

How To Attach A Mantel To A Brick Fireplace

When developing or even redecorating a room, be certain to choose what materials will be utilized to construct the fireplace and hearth mantel first. The fireplace is actually the focal point of the home and all other style choices will need to be based off this object. Not only can the open fireplace determine the design and style of the room, it will also influence the color scheme and style of the walls. All the furniture, curtains and decorations are going to have to complement one another and none of the purchases could be made until the fireplace and fireplace mantel are finished. It's the most crucial decision to make when decorating a space.

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How To Attach A Mantel To A Brick Fireplace


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Of course, besides the layout as well as hanging of fireplace mantels arrives the decorating of them. That is why you have to select a fireplace mantel that demonstrates the design of the home of yours, fits nicely with the fireplace of yours, and has enough space to accommodate the property you want to place on it. There are lots of species of wood that are left turned into mantels by a variety of companies, including oak, cherry, and also pine, to name a few, and similarly you will find laminate wooden versions of these wood species that are obtainable as well. When selecting the fireplace mantel that seems ideal for the house of yours, take into account any present woods which are common all over the decor in the region where the fireplace shall be installed.

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