How High Should A Fireplace Mantel Be

How High Should A Fireplace Mantel Be

What's a fireplace without having a fireplace mantel? It will be a lonely hole in the wall ended up being light comes from. Creepy isn't it? A fireplace mantel is a sizable part of the whole fireplace setup of a home. Without having the mantel, there would not be very much to be excited about an open fireplace. Fireplaces have been focal points of attraction of the building. However, it is the fireplace mantel that truly brings out the attractiveness of a hearth. It displays a fireplace like a frame serves a photo. A good mantel can also increase up the valuation of the household as an asset because it brings out the look of the house' centerpiece.

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How High Should A Fireplace Mantel Be


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Candles are actually the conventional decorations for hearth mantels. Before, they didn't have power lights and had to use candles for light in the evening. It was the best spot to situate candles, which could be taken to the kitchen at night. The types of candles you put on your fireplace mantel is dependent on the size of the mantel itself. The plan is having a great balance, variation and level. You are able to have 2 large candles on either end like, and perhaps balance it with a big decorative piece of the middle. or perhaps you are able to have several small candles lined in place on the mantel. It truly is up to you, and you are able to change it up to give variation to your mantel every few months or thereabouts.

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