Hidden Flat Screen TV Above Fireplace

Brass as well as copper screens could also work superbly as wall decor. They will emphasize much more of a contemporary look. The screens may be drawn shut as a curtain when required or opened when the fireplace is not being used. But, it'll still look great as it protects the house of yours from flames.

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Hidden Flat Screen TV Above Fireplace

They can provide a gorgeous balance to the fireplace of yours. Though having a hearth is able to finish the overall look of your home and add warmth to the entire area, you can't ignore the danger of starting a fire. Furthermore, brushed nickel or silver can make a great option.

How to hide a flat screen TV above a fireplace. · Wilson Kelsey Design

Regardless of the sort of fireplace screen you select there are five crucial points to consider before choosing a brand or maybe color of screen. Moreover, this particular sort of material is tough adequate to stand up to the high heating of the fireplace, making it the most famous materials for this screen.

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Though fireplaces can offer you a unique experience, you ought to be conscious that it may be hazardous too. Although these open fireplace screens are extremely decorative, there even now are safety problems that have to be adhered to. So a much better fireplace hearth display device is needed and is out there.

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How to hide a flat screen TV above a fireplace. · Wilson Kelsey Design

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