Hand Carved Fireplace Mantels

Hand Carved Fireplace Mantels

What is an open fireplace without having a fireplace mantel? It would be a lonely opening in the wall had been light will come as a result of. Creepy is not it? A fireplace mantel is a considerable component of the complete hearth setup of a house. Without the mantel, there wouldn't be much to be excited about a fireplace. Fireplaces are actually focal points of attraction in the building. Nevertheless, it's the fireplace mantel that actually brings out the beauty of a fireplace. It serves an open fireplace like a frame displays a photo. A good mantel can also boost up the value of the home as an asset since it brings out the attractiveness of the house' centerpiece.

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Hand Carved Fireplace Mantels


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By far the most obvious choices for mantels are the ones that are made of wood, possibly solid wood or laminated wood. Good wood is the more expensive of the 2 cork options, but laminate may be equally as practical while not costing a lot of money. There are many species of wood that are actually left turned into mantels by different companies, which includes oak, cherry, as well as pine, to name a few, and similarly you'll find laminate wooden adaptations of the wood species that are obtainable too. When choosing the fireplace mantel that looks best for the home of yours, take into consideration any existing woods that are common throughout the decor in the area where the fireplace will be installed. This gives the room a more coordinated look.

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