Gas Log Fireplace Mantel

Gas Log Fireplace Mantel

Not everyone would like to obtain an antique open fireplace mantel, but most are already considering the option. The truth is there are equally as many mixed design alternatives for a antique fireplace mantels. You are able to have the ornate marble or perhaps solid wood scroll and the majority of the works on the fireplace mantel of yours. You are able to also have more subdued Edwardian designs or the basic combination of stone and wood in Gothic designs. Simply as with any contemporary design, you are able to have the pick of yours with the antique fireplace mantel of yours. If at this time there are equally as many styles and style types, then why would some individuals choose and antique hearth mantel over modern ones?

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Gas Log Fireplace Mantel


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It is so simple to squeeze in a granite, marble, or slate facing to your fireplace. A contractor is able to enable you to do this very easily or perhaps you are able to buy a facing pack online. When you would like a shelf besides a face surrounding the open fireplace of yours, you need to opt for wood, tempered cup, or maybe perhaps synthetic shelves. Stone shelves tend to be quite heavy and can do harm to your wall when installed improperly. If you use stone only on the face of the fireplace of yours, the stone is cut pretty thin and you improve the area of your wall which supports the stone, placing less force on your wall. If you have a contractor or have found a business that will create as well as install a custom fireplace mantel for you personally, subsequently the sky's the limit. But, in case you do have a financial budget to consider, you may want to look at more conventional options or perhaps invest in a synthetic shelf that looks like the stone of the choice of yours.

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