Gas Fireplace Lighter Kit

Both people who are remodeling or perhaps constructing new homes are choosing this feature. A vent free gas fireplace facilitates temperature which is high and hence, specific safety measures are suggested while adding a vent a lesser amount of gas hearth. Gas logs are an environmentally secure solution to wood or even natural gas.

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Gas Fireplace Lighter Kit

They have a clearance of a single to 2 inches between the open fireplace unit & any combustible content surrounding it. You no longer need to have a taller fireplace, a chimney sweep or perhaps any of the issues that were associated with older fireplaces. These artificial "logs" are actually connected to the natural gas line in your house.

Natural Gas Log Lighter Kit – 6900 – Firestarters Gas Log Lighter

Remove and clumps of debris or perhaps soot from the vents to make sure they are not blocked. Remember, it merely needs a thorough cleaning once a year and periodic minor cleanings on a quarterly schedule. Once again, not an appliance that is really designed for regular, daily heating consumption.

C-70 Log Lighter Kit – PRIER

Hearth Products Controls 17″ Straight Log Lighter Kit – For Use With Propane or Natural Gas

Hearth Products Controls Straight Propane Steel Log Lighter Burner Kit – 17 Inch

Dante Liquid Propane Log Lighter, Straight Ball Valve, 3 SANDHILL Natural Gas Log Lighter Kit : Home u0026 Kitchen

Fireplace-Straight Valve u0026 Log Lighter, LP Polished Brass

Log Lighters – Masonry Fireplace Accessories

Gas Fireplace Starters Log Lighter Universal Log Lighter

Dante Gas Log Lighter Burner Pipe with Mixer (730-NG-B), 30-Inch, Natural Gas

Gas Fireplace Starters Log Lighter Universal Log Lighter

Gas Fireplace Starters Log Lighter Universal Log Lighter

Cast Iron Gas Log Lighter – 14 Inch – for Natural Gas Only


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