Gas Fireplace Direct Vent Kit

Gas Fireplace Direct Vent Kit

This kind of fireplace is starting to be popular. Both people who are remodeling or creating new homes are choosing this feature. This sort of open fireplace consumes a hole that's cut from the wall, but a two-fold walled pipe is actually equipped through the wall. Air that help burn the gas is brought to through the pipe and also the exhaust fumes are taken out. No air is taken from the room, along with the performance of the fireplace improves. Building codes allow this kind of fireplace gas installation since it suits in with the new air needs for the rooms.

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Gas Fireplace Direct Vent Kit


Majestic Quartz Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


Vent free gas hearth logs must be arranged to prevent touch between the gas flame and also the ceramic log and logs can't be adapted to get different flame patterns. For numerous years vent completely free gas hearth logs had limited alternative but as more customers recognized the simplicity as well as savings of creating a fireplace without building a chimney through every floor of the home to attain the roof fireplace log shape options have multiplied. Many types of "wood" are offered with detailed hand-painted designs and alternative fuel fireplaces with crushed glass, geo metric shapes as well as river rocks are actually starting to be very popular.

Napoleon Gas Direct Vent Fireplace – Ascent 36




Meridian 42" Fireplace by Majestic Fine’s Gas