Full Surround Fireplace Mantel

Full Surround Fireplace Mantel

Another alternative is of course antique fireplace mantels. These may be purchased through antique sellers. You will find a few antique fireplace mantel dealers in existence with a mix of fireplace mantels. Of course sellers are going to charge you what ever price tag they think they can get for this, although it will be a true work of art. Be careful when purchasing from dealers. nowadays fireplaces could effortlessly be reproduced as well as passed on as being authentic and antique when in fact the are now being created in China or Europe somewhere. You are going to be in a position to make sure by the quality of design and possibly by wear and tear. Antique mantels just come in the size which they were created in. And so if you purchase an antique mantel make certain it fits your space and covers the firebox appropriately. You might have add a stone or another material along the interior of the fireplace mantel surround to be able to correctly conceal the firebox if the mantelpiece is a touch bigger than your firebox.

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Full Surround Fireplace Mantel


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Probably the most affordable choice in creating a luxurious fireplace mantel could be the veneer stone. The veneer stones are not real complete stones, quite a look-a-like with merely the face of a real stone. As they're not the real thing, they are not as pricey. Moreover, they're not difficult to put in. To save money, this project could be taken on by the household. The marble fireplace mantel is actually the middle of the price range feature. By selecting this substance, you've alot more decisions to make in regards to colors as well as patterns. A marble fireplace mantel is going to cost in the $500 range. If looking for a little something that costs less than $500, a mantel made from travertine or slate will be another choice but still maintain a grand look.

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