Framing A Corner Fireplace

Framing A Corner Fireplace

Framing a corner fireplace is a great way to create a unique focal point in the home. Corner fireplaces add visual interest, as well as a cozy ambiance to your room. When framing your corner fireplace, be sure to consider the fireplace’s design carefully so that it is in proportion with the room. You will also need to consider the proper materials for framing, like brick, stone, or metal, to ensure the safety of your home and that your fireplace looks beautiful. Finally, make sure to use a professional to install your corner fireplace so that it is correctly vented and the framing is properly sealed. With the proper design and materials, a corner fireplace can be an excellent addition to the home.

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Framing A Corner Fireplace


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As the title implies, corner fireplace is an open fireplace situated in a corner of a space. This model is usually ideal for rooms that are small because being in a corner would occupy less room. They usually come into different designs depending on the manufacturer. Some are simple, some are elegant. Though it is fire place, it will be best to spruce up it still particularly in case you’re fond of wasting your time along the place during cold, winter nights. Nevertheless, how do we beautify this type of an open fireplace? It will be tough since there is no horizontal structure where a portion of art form will be placed.

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Framing A Corner Fireplace: A Step-by-Step Guide

A corner fireplace is a great way to add a cozy and inviting atmosphere to any home. But before you can enjoy that warmth, you must first frame the corner fireplace. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to frame a corner fireplace properly.

Preparing the Space

Before you begin framing your corner fireplace, it is important to properly prepare the area. You should start by measuring the space between the walls so that you can determine the size of the fireplace and its components. Make sure to leave enough room for the firebox, chimney, and other parts of the fireplace. Once you have measured the area, you should mark it off with tape or use a level to make sure everything is even and lined up correctly.

Gather Your Materials

Once you have measured and marked off your corner fireplace space, you will need to gather all of your materials. You will need wood studs, plywood, screws, nails, masonry anchors, mortar mix, brick veneer tile, grout, and sealant. Make sure to double check that you have all of your materials before starting the project.

Constructing The Firebox Frame

The first step in framing a corner fireplace is constructing the firebox frame. Start by cutting two pieces of 2×4 lumber and two pieces of 2×6 lumber into four equal lengths. These will be used as supports for the firebox walls. Secure them together with screws or nails and then attach them to the adjacent walls using masonry anchors. Once this is done, measure out and cut plywood panels to fit around the firebox frame. Secure these panels with screws or nails as well.

Adding The Chimney Flue

The next step in framing a corner fireplace is adding the chimney flue. This should be done before installing any other components of the fireplace as it needs to be properly ventilated for safety reasons. Start by measuring out where the flue should go in relation to the firebox frame and mark it off with tape or a level. Cut out a hole in this area for the flue pipe and then secure it in place using mortar mix and brick veneer tile. Let this dry completely before continuing on with the project.

Installing The Hearth And Mantel

Once you have installed the chimney flue, you can begin installing the hearth and mantel pieces. Start by measuring out where these pieces will go in relation to each other and mark them off with tape or a level. Cut out pieces of plywood to fit these areas and secure them in place with screws or nails. Next, apply grout around each piece and let it dry completely before moving on to the next step. Finally, apply sealant around all of your hearth and mantel pieces to protect them from moisture damage over time.

FAQs About Framing A Corner Fireplace

Q: How much space should I leave between walls when framing my corner fireplace?

A: You should always leave at least 3 feet of space between walls when framing a corner fireplace so that there is enough room for all components including a Firebox, chimney, and hearth.

Q: What materials do I need to frame a corner fireplace?

A: You will need wood studs, plywood, screws, nails, masonry anchors, mortar mix, brick veneer tile, grout, and sealant.

What type of materials are used to frame a corner fireplace?

Corner fireplaces can be framed with a variety of materials, including brick, stone, stucco, wood, and metal. Each material has its own advantages and drawbacks, so it is important to research the options before making a decision.