Floating Wood Fireplace Mantel

Floating Wood Fireplace Mantel

Most are currently coordinating a fireplace mantel structure having a Flat Panel Television installation. In most homes, a mantel layout may well include additional woodwork on the wall above the principle mantel, typically called an Overmantel. An over-mantel is in fact just a second mantel installed above the principle fireplace mantel, built to either identical dimensions or often narrower and either shorter or taller compared to the primary mantel beneath. Many people finish the inside of an Overmantel using a mirror while others just let their wall structure show throughout the opening.

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Floating Wood Fireplace Mantel


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Wthout a doubt, mantels have grown to be an interior design focus. While giving a special opportunity to elaborate on the design of a room, fireplace mantels can also be essential for expressing the individuality of yours. Hearth mantels may be constructed of various woods, granite, limestone, and marble depending on the preference of yours. You can even use your mantel to voice your artistic independence as it is becoming more and more commonplace to use a sculptor or perhaps artisan design a one-of-a-kind fireplace mantel for the house.

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