Fireplace Surrounds Northern Ireland

Fireplace Surrounds Northern Ireland

Marble slabs which are utilized for countertops are perfect for modern fireplace surrounds since they are able to be conveniently customized. Marble comes in big slabs, around 5 feet wide by nine feet long, which makes them appropriate for covering most open fireplace layouts in a solid piece without numerous joints. Fabricating the slabs to place the fireplace is completed with a comparable process as fabricating marble countertops, enabling the slabs being lower inside almost any shape. Marble slab fireplaces convey character into a home with the natural color as well as motion of the stone. Marble ranges from solid colors like white and black to very veined varieties with white, gold, and purple. A fireplace surround done in a marble slab allows that organic nature of the stone to become the defining characteristic, as opposed to moldings or carvings.

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Fireplace Surrounds Northern Ireland


1920’S Art Deco Combination Fireplace


These days, the charm and popularity of cast iron fireplace surrounds is actually alive and extremely effectively in small towns and big cities alike. Old cast iron surrounds are regularly being recovered from ageing homes by companies who make it the business of theirs to refurbish original iron surrounds. As soon as restored to their original state, they're offered to eager home owners that wish to include an authentic old world appeal to the insides of the homes of theirs. Men and women are likewise buying new surrounds composed of cast iron which copy the ageless beauties of yesteryear. You will find a huge amount of styles we have now and they come in a range of prices.

Edwardian Fire Surround In Wood Mahogany Fire Surround – Wood


Antique original Victorian Cast iron Peace and Plenty Fire Surround


Art Deco Oak Fire Surround