Fireplace Screens Pictures

Fireplace Screens Pictures

In comparison to the history of this fireplace itself, hearth screens have not been such a long time in existence. Invented within the 18th century, hearth screens soon became an indispensable accessory. Before this particular time, homes will be loaded with smoke as well as ash making the open fireplace really a pain in the neck than any form of decorative focal point. Perhaps the greatest advantage fireplace screens offer is actually that it separates the open fireplace from the remainder of the house making sure that the smoke and the ashes do not dance around the air and lie on the floors. Fireplace screens also shield individuals from the entire intensity of the heating and generate those romantic fireside chats possible.

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Fireplace Screens Pictures


Handmade Custom Fireplace Screen With Bifold Doors by Ironhaus


Fireplace screens need to cover the spot totally. Ideally, there will be about six inches of overlap beyond the sides on the top and each side should be at least three to 6 inches above the roof of the fireplace opening. As with any decor in the home of yours, you really want to select fireplace screens which enhance the style of the room. If perhaps you have a more standard looking home, for example a Craftsman or Victorian, you do not wish to opt for a modern or contemporary fire screen – it will look from place.

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