Fireplace Screen Extra Large

Fireplace Screen Extra Large

Mounting a flat mirror on the wall behind the display is going to add a really decorative look, whether you're making use of a glass or perhaps a metal display. Or, mount a metal display to a piece of wood to make a rustic looking wall display. Frosted glass, stained different kinds or glass of papers can in addition be hung behind the screen, accentuating the decorative look of its. For example, a lovely black cast iron fireplace screen would look really good mounted on a slice of rustic wood, with cast iron hooks installed along each side to add functionality.

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Fireplace Screen Extra Large


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Another money saving approach is going with a tri-fold or bi-bold screen which stands without attention. Fireplace screens are important as they're able to lessen the danger of working with a fire. A screen which doesn't fit your fireplace properly won't seem very good and can be potentially risky. Masonry fireplaces are designed by hand on site and no too masons develop a hearth equally. A fire display is calculated by width as well as height from the two opposites with the fire screen laid flat. Do not be stressed by the possibilities, however. One custom option is the spark guard the great thing about these would be that you can choose the level so you understand that they'll continually fit the fireplace of yours.

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