Fireplace Mantel Sconces

Fireplace Mantel Sconces

Fireplace mantels are built using a variety of materials. Cast concrete, cast stone, wood, limestone, and marble are a couple of the substances that may be harnessed to create original ornamental mantels. Fireplace mantel design is a matter of individual taste and should remain in keeping with the room it goes into. As an example, placing a fancy, intricately-carved mantel into a casual family space will be incongruous. In addition, you can select from inventory mantels you buy at your local home improvement store to luxurious, custom-carved marble masterpieces.

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Fireplace Mantel Sconces


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Of course, in addition to the style and hanging of fireplace mantels arrives the decorating of these. Choose wisely what you plan to exhibit on your mantel as it'll additionally reflect your personality and style. An open fireplace can serve as a grand centerpiece in our homes – drawing loved ones and visitors equally – as a resource of heat and as a centerpiece of beauty. Fireplace mantels do anything to provide light for that beauty further by framing the fire as well as complementing an area.

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