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Cast stone fireplaces are also really gorgeous and provide an enjoyable atmosphere to the area, but they are more expensive compared to the additional options. If you think of what you need to have for the mantel, people which are different have their own ideas. A fireplace mantel is actually a decorative surface that you can decorate in either a symmetrical or asymmetrical manner.

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Fireplace Mantel Ideas Contemporary

Though fireplaces may still be used as a high temperatures source in contemporary homes, cooking is not anymore done on them. Hearth mantels are a way of giving your bedroom personality so have a look at the mantel of yours and see what you can change these days. The kinds of candles you put on your fireplace mantel depends on the dimensions of the mantel itself.

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If you are looking to give your room a centerpiece or a thing to emphasize it, look no more in comparison to the fireplace mantel that's currently there. On top of the fireplace mantel itself, the largest decor components are going to be the fireplace display screen as well as instrument set.

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In domestic function of fourteenth century, the fireplace mantel was enormously enhanced in order to make it possible for of the members of the household sitting on both sides of this fire on the hearth, and in these cases amazing beams of timber had been put into use to have the hood; in such instances the fireplace was so deeply recessed as to become externally a crucial architectural characteristic, as at Haddon Hall.

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