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If at this time there are equally as many options and style kinds, and then why would some individuals prefer and antique hearth mantel over contemporary ones? And simply because its made of wood does not imply it has to be plain or boring looking. A marble fireplace mantel will cost in the $500 range.

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Fireplace Mantel Codes Clearance

If at all possible, you'll need to match up with the wood type with this of the wood of structural appearance of the home of yours or accompanying furniture. While a mantel made of a sleeker type of wood will be perfect for a more contemporary house. The marble fireplace mantel is the center of the price range option.

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Yet as universal as the fireplace mantel may seem, it has meant areas that are different at different times in history- serving once not just as a supply of high temperatures, but as a means of food preparation, with a few fireplace mantels achieving an enormous width which could accommodate several cooks and also roasting joint.

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Simply just like any contemporary design, you can have the choice of yours with the antique fireplace mantel of yours. This is strategy that is great to make any outdated fireplace look a novice again. You are going to be happier warming approximately a fire in your fireplace when you have a decorative mantel showcased near it.

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