Fireplace Mantel Code Requirements

Most people merely consider fireplace mantel decor throughout the winter months holidays, when they're likely to pull out all of the stops to make it gorgeous. But fireplace mantels – around the fireplace itself – reflect the home owner's unique personality and come up with a center point for a complete room.

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Fireplace Mantel Code Requirements

If you choose to place a metal face on the fireplace of yours or would adore a metallic shelf, keep in mind that metal conducts heat and be sure to take precautions to insulate the fireplace mantel of yours from the fire it surrounds. Several of the more prevalent types of wood used to build mantels with are pine, cherry, and oak.

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Towards the center of the 16th century, not only were the fireplace mantels becoming increasingly ornate, but so were the surrounds and overmantels. Accessories for fireplaces, just like a lot of home decorative accessories, are currently available in bronze and copper finishes. The other main concern however for buying an antique mantel cannot be ignored because it involves safety.

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You may also use your mantel to express your artistic independence as it's starting to be increasingly commonplace to use a sculptor or perhaps artisan design a one-of-a-kind open fireplace mantel for the house. It was the ideal place to situate candles, that could be taken to the room at night.

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