Fireplace Hearth And Mantel Ideas

Fireplace Hearth And Mantel Ideas

Apart from ensuring the mantel of yours is the appropriate size for your firebox, additionally you should be certain that your mantel is able to comply with modern safety requirements. Stone shelves tend to be extremely heavy and may do damage to the wall of yours if installed improperly. The very first thing you must do is have a look at the decor of the home and decide what it is you want to do along with your fireplace mantel in terms of the color and decor. Cast stone, which is a pre fabricated kind of stone, is popular now since it's reduced as as compared to the other stones. By picking this substance, you have way more choices to make in respect to patterns as well as colors.

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Fireplace Hearth And Mantel Ideas


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If the tv is positioned anywhere other than above the mantel, the concentration is taken off of the centerpiece of the room and brings about confusion for individuals entering the space. Therefore, mantels provide a decorating highlight to any area with a fireplace, designs which might or even may not extend all of the right way to the ceiling. The most common sorts of stones that are used for mantels are actually marble, slate granite as well as limestone. You are able to have 2 substantial candles on either end such as, and maybe balance it with a big decorative piece of the center. Sometimes known as a mantelpiece or perhaps chimney piece, the fire place mantel has usually been an artistic element of an area while simultaneously offering practical components like protecting the surrounding area provided by fire damage.

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