Fireplace Fronts Mantels

Fireplace Fronts Mantels

Hearth mantels are constructed using different materials. Marble, limestone, wood, cast stone, and cast concrete are a few of the key components that may be used to generate first ornamental mantels. Fireplace mantel style is a question of individual taste and should remain in keeping with the home it goes into. As an example, placing a fancy, intricately carved mantel into a casual family room will be incongruous. Additionally, you are able to pick from stock mantels you purchase at your area home improvement shop to luxurious, custom-carved marble masterpieces.

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Fireplace Fronts Mantels


Get inspired with this amazing photo of stack stone fireplaces with colorful rocks. You can’t be


Marble, limestone, wood, cast stone, and cast concrete are a couple of the key components which can be used to develop first ornamental mantels. Furthermore, they're not hard to put in. Accessories for fireplaces, like many home decorative accessories, are currently available in bronze and copper finishes. They come in different finishes including black color, troubled cherry, and also primed. In case you discover a mantel which matches the dimensions of the fireplace of yours, installation is simply a matter of correcting the mantel to the wall structure around your fireplace and adding any needed trim to go over any uncovered joints. It gives the room a traditional majestic feel.

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