Fireplace Faux Stone Over Brick

Probably the most frequent ones nowadays are actually the modern day fireboxes, with a brick veneer face. In case you be troubled about maintenance, stress not because brick is really simple to keep up. This's a wonderful home improvement project that can involve the entire family. Special solutions are also available to really clean soot and protect against discoloration.

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Fireplace Faux Stone Over Brick

While some homeowners suppose that planning a brick fireplace design means they are constrained to employing the standard reddish brick, they may be very impressed that they have more options available today. It's not uncommon to get an older home which has had an open fireplace that's been covered up.

Can You Install Stone Veneer Over Brick?

They add character and charm, and can in fact cut down a lot on your energy bills for heating the home of yours. The chimney aisle of the fireplace is going to be equipped with a flue as well as other mechanisms which allow the homeowner to close the fireplace whenever the device is not in use.

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