Fake Marble Fireplace Mantels

These could be purchased via antique sellers. Almost all houses in the northern region have open fireplace in their homes and in case you notice to leave the fireplace on it's own without any decoration will look extremely untidy. The fireplace is the centerpiece of the room and all other like decisions will have to be based off this object.

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Fake Marble Fireplace Mantels

If you choose to put a metal face on your fireplace or even would love a metal shelf, remember that metal conducts heat and always take precautions to insulate the fireplace mantel of yours in the fire it surrounds. Some of the more common sorts of wood used to create mantels with are oak, cherry, and pine.

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There are plenty of species of wood which are left turned into mantels by a variety of companies, which includes oak, cherry, and pine, to name a few, and likewise you will find laminate hardwood versions of these wood species which are obtainable also. By far the most evident choices for mantels are the types that are made of wood, both solid wood or laminated wood.

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It's the most important decision to make when decorating a space. Initially they were built primarily for the objective of assisting the smoke out of the building, but gradually the chimney stack turned as a very decorative architectural ornament. It is advised that the do-it-yourselfer be experienced and not a novice.

Faux Marble Mantel

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Classical Faux Marble Architectural Salvage Vintage Fireplace Mantel #29796

Shroplynn Mirrored Faux Marble Electric Fireplace by Chateau Lyon

Faux-Marble Fireplace Mantel

Cultured Faux Marble Fireplace Mantel, Surround u0026 Hearth

Faux marble fireplace and glaze detailed mantel and surround

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Faux Marble Fireplace Surround

Faux Marble Courtney Price Faux marble, Parisian decor, Marble

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