Elegant Wood Fireplace Mantels

If you have a fireplace without a shelf or perhaps surround, then simply you will stick to these measurements. For example, placing a fancy, intricately-carved mantel into a casual family room would be incongruous. If you do not have a hearth, which is a raised decorative surface area on the floor beneath the fireplace opening, subsequently measure from the floor and also bypass the hearth measurements.

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Elegant Wood Fireplace Mantels

For the last 30-odd years, fireplaces were commonly constructed with an easy brick facade (facing) and presently there might not have also been a mantel or maybe, in case there was a mantel, it may be a basic frame mantel or a mantel shelf that requires a makeover. Because your piece is an antique, it naturally doesn't fit modern day home specifications.

Fireplace Mantels Orland Prestige Wood

Those two components must accentuate the mantel as well as the entire look of the room. It provides the room a standard majestic feel. Thus, constantly consider the decor of the home in which the mantel is going to be mounted. Remember a little fireplace mantels only require a bit of decoration to them.

How to Build a Fireplace Mantel in 5 Steps – This Old House

You can even work with your mantel to express your artistic independence as it is starting to be increasingly commonplace to end up with a sculptor or perhaps artisan style a one-of-a-kind open fireplace mantel for your home. It was the perfect spot to situate candles, that could be taken to the room at bedtime.

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