Elegant Fireplace Mantels

Elegant Fireplace Mantels

Originally designed within medieval times, the fire place mantel acted to be a hood that would catch smoke. Nevertheless, the fireplace mantel has developed over time to add the decorative frame that surrounds a fireplace. As such, mantels provide a decorating highlight to any kind of room with a fireplace, designs which might or even may well not increase all of the right way to the ceiling. Sometimes known as a mantelpiece or maybe chimney-piece, the fireplace mantel has usually been an artistic component of an area while simultaneously offering useful components like saving the surrounding area offered by fire damage.

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Elegant Fireplace Mantels


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The first thing you want to do is have a look at the decor of the home and decide what it is you would like to do with your fireplace mantel in terms of the color as well as decor. You are able to use something like candles, sculptures, or perhaps flowers to bring out the styles of the home and give the mantel a touch of complement to the room. The use of fabric can be used to drape over the mantel or perhaps you are able to include anything or photographs else that tickles the enhancing bug in you. If you intend on using candles, sculptures, or photos, keep it at an odd number to make a more balanced look at the mantel.

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