Diy Fireplace Surround And Mantel

Diy Fireplace Surround And Mantel

In the early evolution of this fireplace mantel – from the primitive wood or maybe peat fire lit on a slab of stone throughout the Saxon times through the mediaeval period when the fireplace mantel turned into a well better edifice – the most important room was the popular hall. Initially they had been built solely for the purpose of assisting the smoke out of the building, but steadily the chimney stack developed as a highly decorative architectural ornament. These decorative architectural ornaments had been known as fireplace mantels.

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Diy Fireplace Surround And Mantel


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Most likely the most inexpensive option in developing a magnificent fireplace mantel can be the veneer stone. The veneer stones are not real full stones, quite a look-a-like with merely the face of a real stone. Because they're not the real thing, they're not as pricey. Furthermore, they're easy to set up. to be able to save money, this particular project might be taken on by the homeowner. The marble fireplace mantel is the center of the budget range feature. By choosing this substance, you have much more choices to make in regards to patterns as well as colour. A marble fireplace mantel will cost in the $500 span. If searching for something that is under $500, a mantel made of travertine or slate would be another choice and still maintain a grand look.

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