Different Types Of Fireplace Mantels

Different Types Of Fireplace Mantels

When redecorating or perhaps creating a room, make certain to decide on what materials will be used to construct the fireplace and hearth mantel first. The fireplace is actually the centerpiece of the room and all other style selections have to be based off this object. Not only will the fireplace figure out the style of the home, it will additionally influence the color scheme and style of the walls. All of the furniture, curtains and decorations will have to complement each other and none of these purchases could be made until the fireplace and fireplace mantel are completed. It is the most crucial conclusion to make when decorating a room.

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Different Types Of Fireplace Mantels


Standout Antique Fireplace Mantels . . . Gilded Age Glory!


After choosing to put the open fireplace in the space, the next step will be to decide what kind of mantel best fits personal style and the room of the homeowner. The surrounds mantel is probably probably the most grandiose option. It provides the room a standard majestic feel. If a much more casual look is desired, the easy shelf is the greater option. After the type of mantel is established the material must be chosen. Often times mantels are composed of wood but for a far more exquisite like marble or stone must be used. When price tag is a problem using a recycled material will save an unbelievable level of cash. Right after picking the mantel design as well as material, the color scheme must be established and this is done simply when working with marble or stone as they are inclined to have a bit of color. If wood is the content chosen the accent colors may be most any color.

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