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For example, a mantel constructed of natural wood would look great in an older house with the average hearth. You can use anything like candles, sculptures, or perhaps flowers to bring out the colors of the room and give the mantel a touch of complement to the room. Stone mantels are one of the oldest fireplace mantels.

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Define Fireplace Mantel

But why decorate the mantel of yours for a single month of the year and leave it bland the majority of the time? Your fireplace is a centerpiece of the family room, as well as the mantel should be decorated accordingly. In case you intend to make the mantel of yours come alive, you might wish to start off with some fun decorations that could bring out the life and personality in your home and in your fireplace.

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After determining to put the open fireplace in the corner, the following step would be to decide what kind of mantel best fits the kitchen and individual style of the household. In case, for instance, the mantel has a bronze bowl, bronze candlesticks will look fantastic on the mantel with a blackish fireplace display and tools.

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But more than anything at all, a mantel must be incorporated into the overall design and theme of the house. In case this is the case, you can create your own personal unique fireplace mantel and also have it look as good as you would like it to. An additional reason is actually the independent aesthetic of the mantel itself.

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