Deep Fireplace Mantel

Deep Fireplace Mantel

Before you start shopping for fireplace mantels and also surrounds, you need to understand the specifications of the hearth of yours, fireplace facing, along with a few other key components. With those figures inside hand, you are able to get a fireplace mantel or maybe mantel and surround which will fit the scale of the fireplace of yours and the appearance of the space of yours. Figure out what to Measure. When you are changing the current mantel of yours and also surround, then you are going to measure that. If you're setting up a brand new mantel or perhaps surround around a hearth that has none, you then are going to need to generate various measurements.

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Deep Fireplace Mantel


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You will find 2 large considerations though whenever you buy an antique open fireplace mantel. The initial one has a thing to do with style. You've to be sure of course that the fireplace mantel of yours fits the overall pattern and color of the home of yours. Overall the antique mantel of yours will be overkill and can seem preposterous. Nonetheless, you're the mater of the house of yours and also you can do with it as you please. The other major consideration however for buying an antique mantel cannot be dismissed since it includes safety. Since your piece is actually an antique, it obviously does not fit in modern home specs. The purpose for today's safety, fire and building codes and regulations is to make sure your safety as well as the preservation of your house. Aside from ensuring your mantel is the appropriate size for your firebox, you also need to be sure that your mantel can comply with contemporary safety requirements.

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