Decorative Wooden Fireplace Screens

Choose a simple and long-lasting one for the period being, that would serve the goal of protecting your loved ones at least. A lot of people choose the folding hearth screens since they are adaptable. In the past, before there had been all these modern kinds of fireplace, families used fireplace screens to guard their bedroom from the fire.

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Decorative Wooden Fireplace Screens

Nevertheless, gas log wood burning fireplaces also house an open flame as well as a number of safety precautions are necessary in order to keep sparks found within the fireplace and in order to keep young fingers and inquisitive animals safely away from heat. The very first thing to reflect upon is the fact that there's no regular sizing for a fireplace opening.

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This will prevent little fires from starting and avoid burning holes in surrounding objects. These screens are usually fashioned with activities that pay tribute to the house owner's lifestyle. Curved screens need to be wide enough to block both the opening and the facing without also blocking the surround.


Many fireplace screens are manufactured from diverse materials including metal, cast iron along with other challenging metals that have the ability to bear extreme heat from the fireplace. Having matching fireplace tools, wood baskets and accessories will complete the overall look of your house fireplace. Fire security starts with fireplace screens.

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