Decorative Brick Fireplace Ideas

Decorative Brick Fireplace Ideas

The type of brick may be of any kind of color, nevertheless, the traditional red brick is preferred. Mask of any region that you do not wish to paint, and start out with a thin layer of high quality masonry primer. You will find many different methods to cover up that unappealing brick finish and add something better. In a large percentage of cases you will simply be finishing or even covering with the part that is presently bricked. Good lady luck with the project of yours! Great groundwork is a must. You can often enact the changes suggested herein or pick as well as choose ideas from each to get the brick fireplace you are looking for.

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Decorative Brick Fireplace Ideas


Shades of Gray Fireplace Makeover – Classic Fauxs & Finishes


In order to give your bedroom an extraordinary look you are able to alter the color of the brick fireplace of yours by picking up a paint brush as well as roller. Outdoor brick fireplaces are heat or corrosion resistant things that could withstand and retain fireplace temperatures. You are able to select natural stone veneer, which happens to be genuine stone that is cut into a thinner veneer. Constructing the fireplace of yours of brick along with a masonry firebox as well as clay lined flue will present you with numerous options unavailable to fireplaces built of pre fabricated materials. Measure the fireplace area carefully, calculating the range of drywall you'll need.

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Brick Fireplace Makeover – Classic Fauxs & Finishes


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