Custom Wood Fireplace Mantels Designs

An over-mantel is really only a second mantel installed above the main open fireplace mantel, built to possibly identical dimensions or at times narrower and possibly taller or shorter than the primary mantel beneath. If you have an open fireplace in your home, you may want to perk up the mantel of yours or perhaps you might not have one.

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Custom Wood Fireplace Mantels Designs

Remember that when picking out materials as well as hearth mantel plans. Nonetheless, the use of the stones can be very weighty for one's pockets. If looking for something under $500, a mantel made from slate or travertine would be another option but still have a grand appearance. Typically wooden mantels are inexpensive.

Wood Mantel Surrounds for fireplaces Somerville Custom

A fireplace is most likely the centerpiece of an area, breathing character in addition to life into a normally typical room. You are able to have the ornate marble or solid wood scroll and all the works on your fireplace mantel. You'll find two substantial considerations though when you purchase an antique fireplace mantel.

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You are able to get a custom mantel probably made for your fireplace. Furthermore, they are able to additionally be viewed in many various ways providing more diverse decisions that will surely match some discerning taste. The primary reason would be that it merely would make the visual aesthetic of this fireplace look complete.

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