Custom Stone Fireplace Mantels

Custom Stone Fireplace Mantels

If you are searching for a compromise between the price of a limestone open fireplace mantel as well as the absence of a specific color of pre-made cast mantels to suit your taste, consider a custom stone piece. The cost for a custom piece is rather higher compared to an off the shelf cast stone mantel, though you will be ready to have it designed to your actual specs. Furthermore, in case you consent to make it possible for the mold maker continue to use the mold for some other pieces, he may give you a minor discount. In case you would choose the piece of yours to be a genuine one-of-a-kind development, the mold developer will break the mold when your portion has been cast, ensuring its uniqueness.

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Custom Stone Fireplace Mantels


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Natural stone provides the impression of genuine stone but has the adaptable functions of manufactured stone that's exactly why it is the alternative of almost all homeowners for their home improvement endeavors. If you are not one of the lucky men and women with a home with an open fireplace, never fear because there are plenty of options available. In case you would like to put up a business online on integrating a hearth in your residence, a natural stone fireplace may be the best choice for you personally! Be warned that not every remedy is full proof and may even damage the stone fireplace of yours depending on its condition as well as the existence of earlier damages.

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