Custom Fireplace Mantel Designs

Custom Fireplace Mantel Designs

Nowadays fireplaces can conveniently be reproduced and passed on as being authentic and antique when in fact the are now being manufactured in China or Europe somewhere. With these open fireplace accessories, a blend of candlesticks in bronze, copper, and antique brass makes a great mantel display. Fireplace mantels are built using various materials. An open fireplace can be the centerpiece of an area, breathing personality in addition to life into a normally ordinary room. Of course sellers are going to charge you what ever price they believe they can get for doing this, although it will be a genuine work of art. Typically wooden mantels are affordable.

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Custom Fireplace Mantel Designs


Regency Fireplace. Love the horizon model. Having the TV recessed into the stone facade protects


Candles are really the conventional decorations for fireplace mantels. In the past, they didn't have electric lights and had to use candles for lighting at night. It was the ideal place to situate candles, which can be taken to the room at bedtime. The types of candles you place on the fireplace mantel of yours is dependent on the size of the mantel itself. The idea is to have a great balance, depth as well as variation. You can have 2 huge candles on either end such as, and even balance it with a large decorative piece in the center. Or you can have several small candles lined set up on the mantel. It actually is your decision, and also you are able to change it up to provide variation to the mantel of yours every few months or thereabouts.

White and grey brick fireplaces – Contemporary-design


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