Corner Fireplace Ideas With TV Above

Corner Fireplace Ideas With TV Above

A corner fireplace is in the hands of the era of contemporary world. The traditional concept related to fireplaces was they’re supposed to be installed in the core of the main wall of the living room. The variety was prevalent in the past but nowadays these fireplaces are set up somewhere in a house, even in a corner area, which is defined as a space fireplace. The fireplaces are now available in different sizes, eliminating the internal space condition. Anyone is able to have an electrical hearth installed in their houses and will enjoy the pleasure as well as warmth of a natural hearth.

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Corner Fireplace Ideas With Tv Above


Adding ship lap above the fireplace mantel adds huge impact! It was just under $20! DIY Home


A traditional wood burning fireplace can cost thousands of dollars to have installed in the home of yours. Following substances, labor as well as the time it takes to create, you’ve created rather an investment. Nonetheless, you don’t have to fit that a lot into it. A comparison between a traditional wood burning open fireplace and a vent much less alternative would lead us to understand that the vent less is actually the better choice, hands down. The average wood burning fireplace can take as much as a few weeks to build. In this time frame, the life of yours is significantly from normal.

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Painted brick, wood mantel and shiplap. Minus the hid-a-tv. Grandmothers mirror will look much



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Corner Fireplace Ideas With Tv Above

When it comes to creating an inviting living space, a corner fireplace with a TV above can really tie a room together. Combining the cozy ambiance of a fireplace with the entertainment value of a television, this type of design is a great way to make your home an inviting and welcoming place. Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary designs, there are plenty of options available to fit any style. Here we take a look at some of the best corner fireplace ideas with TV above for your home.

Traditional Corner Fireplace Ideas With Tv Above

Traditional designs usually feature classic materials such as brick or stone. These timeless materials give the room a sense of warmth and comfort while still providing an interesting visual element. While the traditional look may not be for everyone, it can be a great option if you prefer more muted colors and materials.

One popular idea is to use stacked stone for the corner fireplace and then mount the TV above it. This creates a unique visual effect that adds texture to the room while still keeping everything in balance. Another option is to use brick with white accents for the fireplace and then install the television above it. The look is classic yet modern, making it perfect for contemporary homes as well.

Contemporary Corner Fireplace Ideas With Tv Above

If you want something more modern, then you might consider using contemporary materials such as glass or metal for the corner fireplace and TV combination. This type of design makes use of sleek lines and simple shapes that create a more modern feel in your living space. Glass fireplaces are especially popular because they provide a sense of openness while still providing plenty of heat when necessary. Plus, they look great when mounted above your TV set!

Another option is to use metal elements such as stainless steel or brushed nickel for your corner fireplace and television combination. These materials create an edgy yet sophisticated look that is perfect for contemporary homes. For those who like more color in their rooms, you could opt for colorful tiles around the hearth area or even painted accents around the edges of the fireplace and television set up. This will add some fun to your room without overwhelming it with too much color or pattern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to mount my TV above my corner fireplace?

A: The best way to mount your television above your corner fireplace depends on several factors such as size, weight, and how much space you have available in your living space. Generally speaking, it’s best to use wall mounts that are specifically designed for mounting flat-screen TVs above fireplaces so that you know they are secure and won’t cause any damage to either your television or your fireplace itself. You should also consult with an electrician so that they can ensure that all wiring is safely run from your television and through your walls in order to avoid any potential hazards from exposed wires.

Q: What other types of materials can I use for my corner fireplace?

A: There are several different types of materials that can be used in order to create an attractive corner fireplace design with a TV mounted above it, including Stone, brick, tile, glass, and metal. Each of these materials offer different benefits and drawbacks depending on your particular needs and budget so it is important to do some research in order to find the best option for you. Additionally, you could even use a combination of these materials in order to create a unique and one-of-a-kind design.

What are the design considerations for a corner fireplace with a TV above?

1. Consider the size and weight of your TV: Make sure that the mantel is large enough and strong enough to support the size and weight of your TV.

2. Placement: The corner fireplace should be placed as close as possible to a power source for the TV, as well as any necessary cables or wiring.

3. Heat/Safety: Be sure to keep any flammable materials at least three feet away from the firebox. Also, take into account the amount of heat generated by the fire and ensure that it won’t damage the TV or other electronics in the vicinity.

4. Design: Choose a mantel that fits both aesthetically and functionally with your overall design style. Consider different materials, colors, textures, and accents to create an attractive focal point in your room.