Corner Fireplace Construction

Corner Fireplace Construction

A corner fireplace is also used to add to the distinctive ambience of a space and attract attention. Corner fireplaces generally comprise of a regular firebox and a mantel installed diagonally in the corner of the home. They come in varieties , for example, bay or peninsula fireplaces. A common corner fireplace would've 2 sides with glass covers, with one of the sides usually greater than the other. A corner fireplace is considered to be a variation of a regular fireplace, with certain modifications in case there is a bay or peninsula style corner fireplace.

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Corner Fireplace Construction


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You'll also find which several electric powered corner fireplaces that are readily available are convertible styles. They include an extension which can make it possible for them to be used flat against a wall possibly in a corner. Many are actually strong enough to support a flat screen tv. If perhaps that is not adequate to get you excited, some have also cabinets with shelves in the sides to hold films. These days you can combine the fireplace of yours and the media center of yours, which makes them the optimal option for a bedroom or tiny studio apartment also.

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