Contemporary Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Contemporary Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Mantel was at first an expression which referred to a protruding wooden or maybe stone frame in the opening of a hearth, to catch the smoke. Probably the most notable feature of any outdoor hearth is the fact that it is able to stand up to the harsh climatic factors. If you are planning to add beauty to your residence, without the usage of heavy types of supplies and stones, natural stone is a terrific option. The stuff is cut pretty slim so you are able to place them with ease. They are for sale in many styles, shapes, and colours and are designated to imitate numerous natural bricks & stones, which includes granite, river rock and limestone, etc.

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Contemporary Stone Fireplace Surrounds


Lanai Gas Fireplace Reading Rock


You might also be thinking about looking at some of the styles that are available for the outside of your home. You should consider putting an aluminum sheet under your stone fireplace grate and taking the sheet out after use so that you don't have to carefully sweep the ashes out there. Stone is also the perfect material for an outdoor fireplace. It reduces overheating and hence prevents fire hazards. The antique completed texture is actually the best finish for those Victorian hearth mantels and these kinds of pieces that are actually innovative and make us path directly into the distant past. An outdoor stone fireplace layout is nevertheless another option.

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Modern / Contemporary White quartz ledger stone fireplace. Anatolia Glacier, starfire glass