Can A Flat Screen TV Be Mounted Over A Fireplace

Second, not one of the panels is actually hinged. Typically, they seem just like a three panel display with 2 vital differences: First, an additional best section of screening goes as a result of the roof of the 3 panels up to the fireplace wall. Just before purchasing a screen, measure both the hearth and the fireplace opening.

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Can A Flat Screen TV Be Mounted Over A Fireplace

This may have sophisticated patterns etched on it and is ideal for a regular although grand home. Today the fireplace of yours can exhibit flare with its design, style, and/or function. Aside from its safety objective, a fireplace screen can add beauty to your fireplace and even to the home of yours.

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If you just want an ornamental display screen, you are able to go with a fan shape instead. A single panel or perhaps flat fire screen can go beyond the measurements of the fireplace opening on width and height as desired. There are lots of screens readily available and you'll certainly find one that suits your taste and style perfectly.

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You'll find a great deal of options. Moreover, wrought iron is likewise decorative, giving the spot of yours an excellent look. One custom choice is the spark guard the good thing about these is the fact that you can decide on the level so you understand that they will continually fit the fireplace of yours.

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