Built In Fireplace Mantels

Built In Fireplace Mantels

Ideally, your fireplace and mantel product should complement the layout of your home as a mantel is often the main focal point of a space, if not the whole house. We like to think of a mantel encircle as a three sided picture frame and the brick, stone or perhaps tile fireplace facing that surrounds the fireplace opening can be looked at as a mat inside the frame. For the last 30-odd years, fireplaces had been commonly designed with an easy brick facade (facing) and thus right now there may not have also been a mantel or, in case there was a mantel, it may be a basic frame mantel or a mantel shelf that has to have a makeover.

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Built In Fireplace Mantels


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Yet another alternative is of course antique fireplace mantels. These can be bought through antique sellers. You will find a couple antique fireplace mantel dealers out there with an assortment of fireplace mantels. Of course sellers will charge you what ever price tag they believe they might get for this, however, it'll be a true work of art. Use caution when buying from dealers. nowadays fireplaces can effortlessly be reproduced as well as passed on as being authentic and antique when in fact the are now being manufactured in China or Europe somewhere. You are going to be ready to make certain by the quality of craftsmanship and possibly by wear and tear. Antique mantels exclusively come in the size that they were made in. Therefore if you buy an antique mantel ensure it suits your room and covers the firebox properly. You might have add another substance or a stone on the insides of the fireplace mantel surround to be able to properly conceal the firebox when the mantelpiece is a touch larger compared to the firebox of yours.

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